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This committee is established in accordance with the constitution and governance guidelines of PSANZ Ltd.


The singular aim of the Alliance is to safely lower the rate of preterm birth in Australia


The committee aims:

In the first instance, to implement evidence-based clinical guidelines based on existing knowledge and tailored for each jurisdiction.

1. To establish the processes to enable monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of the implementation nationally and in each jurisdiction and on an ongoing basis.

2. For each jurisdiction to be represented on the Steering Committee by two members and wherever possible for this to include a senior and an early career person to ensure effective mentoring and succession planning into the future.

3. For there to be commonality and sharing of resources and badging where appropriate but for each jurisdiction to be encouraged to establish their own jurisdiction-based initiative and their own package of interventions suitable for their particular environment and in line with the aims of the Alliance.

4. To attract financial support from government and other funding agencies through the collaboration of members and the Alliance as a whole.

5. To provide a platform for discovery research and multi-centred clinical trials relevant to the field in partnership with the IMPACT sub-committee of PSANZ.

6. To seek endorsement and collaborations with major national and state-based organisations, including consumers groups as appropriate.

7. To collaborate and partner with other national preterm birth prevention groups as they emerge and where considered appropriate.


There is an Executive consisting of the three lead Chief Investigators of the NHMRC Partnership Grant awarded April 2018 (APP1151853) and three early career clinicians.

There is a Steering Committee consisting of the ten Chief Investigators of the NHMRC Partnership Grant (APP1151853); two members from each jurisdiction (of whom one or both may already be members through their role as one of the ten Chief Investigators); special members as required of Working Groups; a midwife; a marketing and media person; and a person with fund-raising expertise.

The Steering Committee and the Executive have a Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson and an Alliance Manager.

There are Working Groups of the Steering Committee as appropriate which in the first instance include a Data Working Group, a Marketing and Media Working Group and an Economic Analysis Working Group. 

It is proposed initially that this structure is in place, subject to amendment as decided by the Alliance members, for the three-year duration of the NHMRC Partnership Grant.


John Newnham (Alliance Chair)

Catherine Arrese (Alliance Manager)


For more information on The Australian Preterm Birth Prevention Alliance, please click here.  

Current members of the Subcommittee 

Committee member


Professor John Newnham 

The University of Western Australia

Professor Jonathan Morris 

The University of Sydney

Professor Euan Wallace 

Monash University

Professor Dorota Doherty 

The University of Western Australia

Associate Professor Jane Ford

The University of Sydney

Professor Jeremy Oats

The University of Melbourne

Professor Michael Nicholl 

The University of Sydney

Associate Professor Jeanie Cheong

The University of Melbourne

Professor Hugh Dawkins

The University of Western Australia

Ms Natasha Donnolley

The University of New South Wales

Dr Kiarna Brown 

Royal Darwin Hospital

Dr Carina Cotaru 

Royal Darwin Hospital

Professor David Elwood 

Griffith University 

Professor David Watson

Townsville Hospital

Associate Professor Boon Lim

Canberra Hospital and Health Services

Dr Maylene Pineda

Canberra Hospital and Health Services

Dr Tanya Nippita

The University of Sydney

Dr Lindsay Edwards

Royal Hobart Hospital

Dr Amanda Dennis

Royal Hobart Hospital

Dr Monika Skubisz

Adelaide Women’s and Children’s Hospital

Dr Rosalie Grivell

Flinders University

Dr Scott White 

King Edward Memorial Hospital

Professor Philippa Middleton

The University of Adelaide

Mr Richie Hodgson

Women and Infants Research Foundation, WA

Ms Alicia Bauskis

Western Australia Department of Health

Ms Deborah Attard-Portughes

Women and Infants Research Foundation, WA

Ms Paula Medway 

South Australia Department of Health 

Dr Catherine Arrese

The University of Western Australia